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supplier enquiries

line caught tuna

our yellow fin sashimi grade tuna is caught by deep water set lines, a method that avoids ‘bycatching’ other sea animals like dolphins & turtles and protects the long term sustainability of the species.


our prawns are ASC assured which means they are responsibly sourced, with minimal impact on society and environment.

outdoor reared pork

our pork is sourced from outdoor bred pigs and raised on independently assured British farms to RSPCA welfare standards.

British chicken

Our chicken is chargrilled thigh meat, marinated in miso, is 100% British, sourced from independently assured farms accredited to at least Red Tractor standards.

superior farmed sashimi grade salmon

we use fresh (not frozen) sashimi grade Atlantic salmon, farmed along the Norwegian coast. We do not allow a routine use of antibiotics. We are currently exploring the potential of ASC certification with our supplier.

no msg

we take great care to ensure that none of our quality sauces, dressings, miso or broths contain any MSG. Our Miso is sourced from the Nagano Valley in Japan where it’s made especially for us.

energy conversion at itsu

all the waste collected in our stores is converted into power to generate electricity for homes & businesses.

recycled waste

the majority of our sites are zero to landfill and we currently recycle all our kitchen waste. Our napkins, paper bags, plastic cups and lids, sauce bottles, snack boxes, sushi boxes & hot food cups are 100% recyclable.

reducing plastic

we are committed to phasing out plastic from all our shops. Plastic straws will be replaced by biodegradable paper versions by spring 2018 and many of our salads, sushi and wraps are already using compostable recycled, unprinted trays.

move to Japanese melamine bowls

In some of our stores, we are now using Japanese melamine bowls and metal cutlery to reduce our plastic production. We also encourage customers to sit in and enjoy the itsu dining experience, we will be rolling this out to more shops throughout 2018.